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Throughout its history, the Commonwealth has come together for a higher purpose -- to lift up all Virginians. The 73rd Inauguration is a celebration of Virginia’s strength through its citizens -- from Lee to Loudoun, from Northampton to Northern Virginia.

The 2018 inaugural theme, “The Way Ahead,” articulates a vision for leading a Virginia with bipartisan, commonsense solutions that lifts up all of its people. Whether it's taking advantage of new economic opportunities, finding oneself in serving others, or educating Virginia’s children with boundless promise, Governor-elect Northam believes the best way forward is by working together.

The Way Ahead is a celebration of the prosperity possible through a unified Commonwealth honoring its diversity and inclusivity. Which is why the Governor-elect and Pam Northam are thrilled to invite all Virginians from across the Commonwealth to Richmond to celebrate the way ahead on January 13, 2018.